RLG Capital plays a critical role in providing the insight and resources we need to help realize our vision of delivering the best anesthesia recovery outcomes for children.
— Mike Slatter, CEO


Est. 2009

Salt Lake City, UT



Anecare has developed ANEclear, a patented, FDA cleared, “non-pharmaceutical” disposable device that improves patient recovery from the effects of general anesthesia. Under an FDA funded grant Anecare recently developed a pediatric version of our product to address the problems children have with delirium and post operative nausea and vomiting during recovery.

Anecare initiated plans to expand their product offering and turned to RLG Capital for backing and support. RLG continues to leverage its network to provide resources for the next phase of growth. This includes financing the commercialization of Anecare’s new product and forming the team necessary to achieve revenue growth and profitability targets.