RLG has brought industry and operational excellence, along with the capital necessary to execute on our renewable energy growth strategy.
— Frederick E. LaCroix, CEO

Renewable Energy

Est. 2013

Manila, Philippines



Pelletasia is a Philippine company established in September 2013 and dedicated to producing sustainable biomass feedstock for renewable energy generation. It was founded by a group of experienced energy executives and investors from the U.S., Europe and the Philippines. With an international consortium of shareholders and financiers, Pelletasia is well-resourced to support the renewable energy objectives of its customers both domestically and internationally. Through a network of growing alliances, Pelletasia has achieved both geographic and crop diversity, rejuvenating unproductive land while jumpstarting socio-economic development in stakeholder communities.

RLG Capital helped found Pelletasia to pursue renewable energy resource opportunities in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.