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Greg Robinson

Managing Partner

Greg has 30+ years of business experience as a management consultant, entrepreneur, wealth advisor, and private equity investor. As a management consultant at Bain & Company, McKinsey & Company, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and EHS Partners, he advised corporate clients on matters of strategic and operational significance to improve business performance and profitability. Working directly with CEOs, he helped develop and implement discrete revenue and cost initiatives that substantially increased sustainable earnings.

As a pre- and post-IPO executive at Staples, and in other entrepreneurial endeavors, he helped launch and lead companies in healthcare, education, business services, energy, and entertainment. As a wealth advisor at Wells Fargo Private Bank, he helped family offices and other large clients deploy and diversify their investments. As a managing director at The Caprock Group, a multi-family office firm, he founded and led the Park City office and helped double the firm's assets under advisement. Greg co-founded RLG Capital in November 2013. Since then, RLG and it's capital partners have invested in over twenty companies with ten platform investments. He currently serves on the boards of Quantum IR Technologies, InterVision Systems, Blue360 Media, Anecare, HealthyYOU Vending, and eLearning Brothers. Greg has served in numerous church, civic, community and non-profit capacities. He was a National Finance Committee co-chair for Romney For President (2008, 2012) and a Utah state delegate at the 2012 GOP Convention. He currently serves on the BYU Broadcasting Leadership Council and on the Advisory Boards of Progress Through Business and the Ethics Initiative at BYU's Wheatley Institution. Greg earned a BA in English and French with honors from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Harvard University, where he was a LeBaron-McArthur-Ellis Fellow. Married for 36 years, he and his wife Robin are the parents of four children and two grandchildren.

Greg Robinson
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